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Training with purpose, passion and achieving through persistence.

Personal Training

The biggest part of starting your journey towards having a better mindset towards your health and fitness is to make sure you enjoy the process.
There will be days where you are lacking motivation and drive.
Those days will be where i come in.

I wont just be your Personal Trainer.
I will be there with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals and to help you remember why you started.

PT Per weekIn personOnline
1 session£30£20
2 Sessions£55£35
3 Sessions£80£50

Nutrition Coaching

What is a Nutrition Coach?
We are here to help give you structure, accountability and focus when it comes to your Nutrition, as well as guiding you to get you to your final goal.
I will help you workout your daily calorie intake as well as giving your breakdown of Carbs, Fats and Protein dependent on your goal.
I want to help educate you so you can get it right and understand how small changes will help you achieve your goals.

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Being a masters CrossFit athlete (over 55) I was interested in improving performance by considering my diet and when to eat to suit training.
I kept a food diary for 1 week and sent over to Meg for assessment. Megs assessment broke my intake into daily calories and then further break down comparing between carbs protein and fats. Meg explained that I needed to increase protein and carb intake before my training sessions for good energy levels and also protein intake after training to help muscle recovery.
Just by keeping a food diary it has helped me look at what I eat and also consider those “unnecessary” things that add carb and calorie intake.
We are only on the start of our journey but from the advice received so far I have lost 4 kgs since Christmas and improved my cardio and strength abilities.
Watch this space !!

Meg was amazing to work with, she listened to my concerns around where my weaknesses were in my training and from that she built me a plan from that suited my lifestyle and constraints in terms of time and equipment. She checked in regularly and reviewed videos of my exercises and gave me feedback which was so helpful. She even tweaked my plan for me when I went on holiday so I could take it with me with minimal equipment. I definitely saw results from the plan and wouldn’t hesitate to ask for Meg’s help again. A wonderful coach and a wonderful lady, I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to have a coach who actually listens and delivers what you ask for. Thank you Meg.

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